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Serving Worldwide Anglophone Clients: An Immigrant & Hypnotherapist's Perspective on Cross-Cultural Identity and The Psyche of The Individual:

Updated: Feb 12

The modern world is more mixed and interconnected than perhaps it has ever been and as such the identity of the individual has become more intricate than ever before. I myself was born with roots in both Africa and Europe, by way of a Mauritian mother and an Irish father. After three decades spent living in England, I now live in France with a French wife and binational son. It is wonderful and enriching to have so varied a makeup but there is also a unique experience that comes in navigating how this makeup makes you see yourself, the world and how others in that world see you.

After a year of life in France I understand how this is particularly the case for immigrants or as anglophones have come to prescribe themselves, expats. And whenever I return “home” to Mauritius, as I have done this week, I see the especially unique cultural, political & racial ramifications of a post-colonial centuries long melting pot exercise played out on a country wide societal level.

It is little surprise to me that many of my clients, hailing from all corners of the globe, including my own region here in Morbihan France, end up bringing this unique identity into the room when discussing why they have come to me for hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy explores your story and your story is made up of all the stories that came before you. And so, embarking on a journey away from one's place of origin often brings a myriad of emotions and challenges.

Subconscious identity: 

The richness of my background has helped me to create a safe and empathetic space for varied clients, so much so that last year I saw clients from; India, America, Australia, Pakistan, Singapore, England, France & Mauritius and almost all of them have revealed even wider branches of ancestry and mixed cultures. I often find clients placing their issue within this wider context of who they are and trying to understand their contradictions and inner conflict and find congruence between what is inherited and what they independently choose. It so happens that hypnotherapy is a brilliant tool for this dialogue, because it can allow you to create a bridge between conscious and subconscious much like a cross-cultural identity is a bridge. Once this connection is made then truly transformative work can be done. All change first lies in the subconscious.

The anglophone hypnotherapist:

Living in a foreign land, far from the familiarities of home, can be both exhilarating and challenging. Anglophone immigrants often find themselves wrestling with feelings of isolation, homesickness, and the constant adaptation to new cultures. I have seen loneliness, elation, trepidation, excitement, doubt, bravery – a vast array of human emotion brought into the room because the client has chosen to expand their identity and live elsewhere, in a different culture. As a practitioner and as someone who is living the “expat” experience, I believe hypnotherapy can be a compass for those seeking balance and harmony in a pluralistic lifestyle.

I didn’t intend to serve a global expat community but I have realised I bring an informed approach to each session with expats, addressing the unique challenges faced by those navigating the complexities of life in a foreign country. Through hypnotherapy, I guide individuals towards a place of calm inner relaxation, resilience, and self-discovery, from this place, we then we begin to work on how to thrive in a life abroad.

The self across cultures:

Hypnotherapy serves as a powerful conduit for self-exploration and growth. It provides a transformative space where individuals can delve into their subconscious and if they wish, the layers of their cross-cultural identity, addressing any underlying issues and fostering a sense of belonging within themselves. This is I why a lot of my work, whatever the issue, works with the three selves: self-confidence – self-esteem – self-awareness. This is a ladder with each rung building you up towards a sense of self that is content and balanced.

My practice is grounded in the belief that through hypnotherapy, individuals can overcome the challenges associated with living in the modern world and embrace their unique identity with confidence. Whether it's managing stress, detaching from toxic relationships, lessening anxiety, dealing with cultural clashes, or finding a sense of purpose, hypnotherapy acts as a guiding force, steering my clients towards better understanding, better decision making and better outcomes in their life.


In this modern globalized geopolitical melting pot of cultures, my journey has equipped me with the tools and insights needed to guide others through their unique paths. As a hypnotherapist, my mission is to be a beacon of support for the global anglophone community, anyone seeking help with an issue can come to me online, have a free consultation and learn what hypnotherapy truly is and how we will work together.


You will discover that hypnotherapy can be an amazing tool to calm your body and mind, to be relaxed, and communicate to your subconscious what you consciously want to change. This starts first in the room with me and then, when leaving the room, after our sessions are finished, you will see how you can head out into the world, into its melting pot of cultures, identities and challenges and find yourself able and eager to achieve the changes you have always wanted.

worldwide clients of different cultures and background looking for an online hypnotherapist experienced in working with different people from all types of cultures and backgrounds and delivering hypnotherapy online
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